Guild Charter

Welcome to Tamriel’s Wardens!

Tamriel’s Wardens (TW) is an Elder Scrolls Online LGBTQ/Ally guild on the North American Xbox One server. We welcome anyone who is 18 years of age or older to join us in our fabulous adventures across Tamriel! Whether or not you are a casual or hardcore gamer we have opportunities for everyone! Below is the official TW guild charter consisting of the rules and guidelines for our members. ALL members are expected to agree to- and abide by the guild charter.

Guild Charter

  1. 1. Membership is a Privilege Not a Right

Anyone who cannot follow the rules of the guild charter can have their membership revoked by the Guild Master. The Guild Master will judge each incident on a case by case basis. The Guild Master will have the final judgement on whether or not a member is removed from the guild.

  1. 2. You Must be 18 Years of Age or Older

Since the subject matter of the guild social interactions can range fromwhat’s for dinner to the events of last Saturday’s excursion into the back room of club ERUPTION all members must be of legal age. We are an adult-only zone!

  1. 3. Respect Our Community

TW celebrates diversity of all types both inside and outside the LGBTQ community and is founded on a respect for that diversity. TW recognizes that all members have a right to play without harassment, and members are expected to treat each other and non-guild members with respect at all times. Officers will intervene in chat or any other situation if it is deemed to be in the realm of harassment or is otherwise appropriate.

  1. 4. Represent the Guild in a Positive Light

If you are in game or in any other circumstance in which it is known that you are a member of TW please represent us in a respectful way. We want to have a positive reputation in the Elder Scrolls Online and the gaming community abroad.

  1. 5. Use Common Sense

Not every situation can be covered in this charter so it is best to use common sense when confronted with a questionable action or decision. The Guild Master reserves the right to implement specific rules for specific situations if they are needed. The guild officers reserve the right to intervene in situations if they believe it breaks the rules of the guild charter or negatively affects the guild and its members. However, all disciplinary actions must be approved by the Guild Master before being applied.



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