Tamriel's Wardens Officers


Guild Master


Gamer Tag: Orions Seatbelt


Guild Officers


Gamer Tag: xK3KOAx


Gamer Tag: RadagastThePink 




Guild Web Designer


Gamer Tag: Boy1der80



Guild officers will assist the Guild Master with guild related activities and issues including but not limited to:

  • Guild Invites
  • Guild Bank Management
  • Organizing in-game guild events
  • Ensuring guild members abide by the guild charter 
  • Moderating in-game chat
  • Helping new members get acquainted
  • Delivering messages/news from the Guild Master when he is not present 


The Guild Web Designer will assist the Guild Master with guild website related activities including:

  • Website upkeep 
  • Designing and creating website features and aesthetics
  • Keeping the forums organized and spam/clutter free
  • Ensuring guild members abide by the guild charter while on the website
  • Moderating the website forums
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